Montaruli Angela

Associate Professor
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Via Colombo, 71
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 14651
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02 503 14651
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  • Aderenza alle raccomandazioni WCRF/AICR 2018 e sonno in persone con sindrome metabolica = Adherence to the 2018 WCRF/AICR recommendations and sleep behaviour in people with metabolic syndrome / E. Bruno, E. Roveda, G. Gargano, I. Baldassari, A. Oliviero, L. Galasso, A. Montaruli, M. Cortellini, M.G. Di Mauro, E. Venturelli, F. Berrino, P. Pasanisi. - In: EPIDEMIOLOGIA E PREVENZIONE. - ISSN 1120-9763. - 44:4(2020 Jul), pp. 288-294.
  • Reduced neuromuscular performance in night shift orthopedic nurses : new insights from a combined electromyographic and force signals approach / E. Ce', C. Doria, E. Roveda, A. Montaruli, L. Galasso, L. Castelli, A. Mulè, S. Longo, G. Coratella, P. D’Aloia, G. Banfi, F. Esposito. - In: FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY. - ISSN 1664-042X. - 11(2020 Jun 30), pp. 693.1-693.16.
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  • Rest-activity rhythm in breast cancer survivors : an update based on non-parametric indices / L. Galasso, A. Montaruli, A. Mule, L. Castelli, E. Bruno, P. Pasanisi, A. Caumo, F. Esposito, E. Roveda. - In: CHRONOBIOLOGY INTERNATIONAL. - ISSN 0742-0528. - 37:6(2020 Apr 24), pp. 946-951.
  • Physical activity, chronotype and sleep in a sample of Italian elderly population / L. Castelli, L. Galasso, A. Mule', E. Bruno, S. Shokohyar, F. Esposito, A. Montaruli, E. Roveda. - In: SPORT SCIENCES FOR HEALTH. - ISSN 1824-7490. - 16:1(2020 Mar), pp. 55-64.