Colombo Angelo

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  • Opening pressures and atelectrauma in acute respiratory distress syndrome / M. Cressoni, D. Chiumello, I. Algieri, M. Brioni, C. Chiurazzi, A. Colombo, A. Colombo, F. Crimella, M. Guanziroli, I. Tomic, T. Tonetti, G. Luca Vergani, E. Carlesso, V. Gasparovic, L. Gattinoni. - In: INTENSIVE CARE MEDICINE. - ISSN 0342-4642. - 43:5(2017), pp. 603-611.
  • Relationship between systemic glucose and cerebral glucose is preserved in patients with severe traumatic brain injury, but glucose delivery to the brain may become limited when oxidative metabolism is impaired: implications for glycemic control / S. Magnoni, C. Tedesco, M. Carbonara, M. Pluderi, A. Colombo, N. Stocchetti. - In: CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE. - ISSN 0090-3493. - 40:6(2012), pp. 1785-1791.
  • Alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone is decreased in plasma of patients with acute brain injury / S. Magnoni, N. Stocchetti, G. Colombo, A. Carlin, A. Colombo, J.M. Lipton, A. Catania. - In: JOURNAL OF NEUROTRAUMA. - ISSN 0897-7151. - 20:3(2003 Jul), pp. 251-260.