Masseroli Anna

Type A Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Mangiagalli, 34
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Soils as a useful tool for reconstructing geomorphic dynamics in high mountain environments: The case of the Buscagna stream hydrographic basin (Lepontine Alps) / A. Masseroli, I.M. Bollati, S.S. Proverbio, M. Pelfini, L. Trombino. - In: GEOMORPHOLOGY. - ISSN 0169-555X. - 371(2020 Dec 15).
  • Reconsidering the compound effect of geomorphology, vegetation, and climate change on paleopedogenesis in sensitive environments (Northern Apennines, Italy) / A. Masseroli, S. Villa, G.S. Mariani, I.M. Bollati, M. Pelfini, D. Sebag, E.P. Verrecchia, L. Trombino. - In: CATENA. - ISSN 0341-8162. - 197(2020 Oct).
  • Alpine gullies system evolution : erosion drivers and control factors. Two examples from the western Italian Alps / I.M. Bollati, A. Masseroli, G. Mortara, M. Pelfini, L. Trombino. - In: GEOMORPHOLOGY. - ISSN 0169-555X. - 327(2019 Feb 15), pp. 248-264.
  • Sharing experiences on geomorphological research in different morphogenetic and morphoclimatic environments / [a cura di] A. Masseroli, I. Bollati. - [s.l] : AIGeo - Associazione Italiana di geografia Fisica e Geomorfologia, 2019. - ISBN 9788894271904. ((.
  • Tree rings as ecological indicator of geomorphic activity in geoheritage studies / I. Bollati, B. Crosa Lenz, A. Golzio, A. Masseroli. - In: ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS. - ISSN 1470-160X. - 93(2018 Oct), pp. 899-916.