Pistocchi Anna Silvia

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Referente Aq Del Corso Di Studio
Referente Aq Del Corso Di Studio



Via Fratelli Cervi, 93 - L.I.T.A. Segrate
20090 SEGRATE (MI)

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02503 30442
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  • The Genome-Wide Impact of Nipblb Loss-of-Function on Zebrafish Gene Expression / M. Spreafico, E. Mangano, M. Mazzola, C. Consolandi, R. Bordoni, C. Battaglia, S. Bicciato, A. Marozzi, A.S. Pistocchi. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. - ISSN 1422-0067. - 21:24(2020 Dec).
  • HDAC8 : A Promising Therapeutic Target for Acute Myeloid Leukemia / M. Spreafico, A.M. Gruszka, D. Valli, M. Mazzola, G. Deflorian, A. Quinte, M.G. Totaro, C. Battaglia, M. Alcalay, A. Marozzi, A. Pistocchi. - In: FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY. - ISSN 2296-634X. - 8(2020 Sep), pp. 844.1-844.12.
  • Multiple myeloma exploits Jagged1 and Jagged2 to promote intrinsic and bone marrow-dependent drug resistance / M. Colombo, S. Garavelli, M. Mazzola, N. Platonova, D. Giannandrea, R. Colella, L. Apicella, M. Lancellotti, E. Lesma, S. Ancona, M.T. Palano, M. Barbieri, E. Taiana, E. Lazzari, A. Basile, M. Turrini, A. Pistocchi, A. Neri, R. Chiaramonte. - In: HAEMATOLOGICA. - ISSN 0390-6078. - 105:7(2020 Jul), pp. 1925-1936.
  • Animal Models to Translate Phage Therapy to Human Medicine / A. Brix, M. Cafora, M. Aureli, A.S. Pistocchi. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. - ISSN 1661-6596. - 21:10(2020 May 25).
  • Phage Therapy Application to Counteract Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Infection in Cystic Fibrosis Zebrafish Embryos / M. Cafora, F. Forti, F. Briani, D. Ghisotti, A. Pistocchi. - In: JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS. - ISSN 1940-087X. - 2020:159(2020 May), pp. e61275.1-e61275.7.