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  • A circadian clock in the sinus node mediates day-night rhythms in Hcn4 and heart rate / A. D'Souza, Y. Wang, C. Anderson, A. Bucchi, M. Baruscotti, S. Olieslagers, P. Mesirca, A.B. Johnsen, S. Mastitskaya, H. Ni, Y. Zhang, N.B. BmBCh, C. Cox, S. Wegner, B. Bano-Otalora, C. Petit, E. Gill, S.J. Logantha, H. Dobrzynski, N. Ashton, G. Hart, R. Zhang, H. Zhang, E.J. Cartwright, U. Wisloff, M.E. Mangoni, P. Da Costa Martins, H.D. Piggins, D. DiFrancesco, M.R. Boyett. - In: HEART RHYTHM. - ISSN 1547-5271. - 18:5(2021), pp. 801-810.
  • A detailed characterization of the hyperpolarization-activated "funny" current (If) in human-induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cardiomyocytes with pacemaker activity / F. Giannetti, P. Benzoni, G. Campostrini, R. Milanesi, A. Bucchi, M. Baruscotti, P. Dell'Era, A. Rossini, A. Barbuti. - In: PFLÜGERS ARCHIV. - ISSN 0031-6768. - (2021). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Functional Characterization of a Novel Scn5a Mutation Associated With the Brugada Syndrome / A. Frosio, D. Molla, G. Bertoli, C. Bazzini, R. Milanesi, F. Gennaro, A.F. Barbuti, A. Bucchi, L. Moretti, P. Marchese, D. Di Francesco, M. Baruscotti. - In: CIRCULATION RESEARCH. - ISSN 1524-4571. - 125:Suppl. 1(2019 Oct 16). ((Intervento presentato al convegno American Heart Association's Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Scientific Sessions: Integrative Approaches to Complex Cardiovascular Diseases : August, 2nd nel 2019.
  • Developing Synthetic Peptides to Regulate Native HCN Channels / A. Saponaro, F. Cantini, A. Porro, A. Bucchi, D. Difrancesco, V. Maione, M. Laskowski, P. Mesirca, M. Mangoni, G. Thiel, L. Banci, B. Santoro, A. Moroni. - In: BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. - ISSN 1542-0086. - 116:3 Suppl. : 1(2019 Mar 05), pp. 1493-Plat.302a-1493-Plat.302a. ((Intervento presentato al 63. convegno Biophysical Society Annual Meeting tenutosi a Baltimore, MA, USA.
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