Zanaboni Anna Maria

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  • Prospective evaluation of renal function in dogs with chronic mitral valve disease / E. Martinelli, S. Crosara, C. LOCATELLI, A.M. ZANABONI, P.G. BRAMBILLA, C. Quintavalla. - (2020 Mar 18).
  • Multiple retrospective analysis of survival and evaluation of 4 cardiac death predictors in a population of dogs affected by 5 degenerative mitral valve disease in ACVIM class C treated 6 with different therapeutic protocols / M. BAGARDI, C. LOCATELLI, A. GALIZZI, A.M. ZANABONI, P.G. BRAMBILLA. - (2020 Jan 13).
  • Simultaneous Learning of Fuzzy Sets / L. Cermenati, D. Malchiodi, A.M. Zanaboni (SMART INNOVATION, SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES). - In: Neural Approaches to Dynamics of Signal Exchanges / [a cura di] A. Esposito, M. Faundez-Zanuy, F. Morabito, E. Pasero. - Singapore : Springer, 2020. - ISBN 9789811389498. - pp. 167-175 (( convegno Italian Workshop on Neural Networks tenutosi a Vietri sul Mare nel 2018.
  • Data-Driven Induction of Shadowed Sets Based on Grade of Fuzziness / D. Malchiodi, A.M. Zanaboni (LECTURE NOTES IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE). - In: Fuzzy Logic and Applications / [a cura di] R. Fullér, S. Giove, F. Masulli. - Prima edizione. - Cham : Springer, 2019. - ISBN 9783030125431. - pp. 17-28 (( Intervento presentato al 12. convegno WILF tenutosi a Genova nel 2018.
  • Influence of body variables in the development of metabolic syndrome : A long term follow-up study / C. Pavanello, A.M. Zanaboni, S. Gaito, M. Botta, G. Mombelli, C.R. Sirtori, M. Ruscica. - In: PLOS ONE. - ISSN 1932-6203. - 13:2(2018 Feb 12).