Brusamolino Antonella

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Via Celoria, 2
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 16723
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  • Effect of fiber and protein-enriched pasta formulations on satiety-related sensations and afternoon snacking in Italian healthy female subjects / D. Martini, A. Brusamolino, C. Del Bo', M. Laureati, M. Porrini, P. Riso. - In: PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR. - ISSN 0031-9384. - 185(2018 Mar), pp. 61-69.
  • Effect of two different sublingual dosages of vitamin B12 on cobalamin nutritional status in vegans and vegetarians with a marginal deficiency : a randomized controlled trial / C. Del Bo', P. Riso, C. Gardana, A. Brusamolino, A. Battezzati, S. Ciappellano. - In: CLINICAL NUTRITION. - ISSN 0261-5614. - (2018 Feb 15). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Benefits of breakfast meals and pattern of consumption on satiety-related sensations in women / C. Berti, P. Riso, A. Brusamolino, M. Porrini. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCES AND NUTRITION. - ISSN 1465-3478. - 66:7(2015 Nov), pp. 837-844.
  • Modulation of plasma antioxidant levels, glutathione S-transferase activity and DNA damage in smokers following a single portion of broccoli: a pilot study / P. Riso, C. Del Bo', S. Vendrame, A. Brusamolino, D. Martini, G. Bonacina, M. Porrini. - In: JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE. - ISSN 0022-5142. - 94:3(2014 Feb), pp. 522-528.
  • Nutritional and Plasma Antioxidant Status Assessment in a Group of Old Alzheimer’s Inpatients / G. Turconi, P. Simonetti, A. Brusamolino, M. Rondanelli, C. Roggi, H. Cena. - In: JOURNAL OF NUTRITION & FOOD SCIENCES. - ISSN 2155-9600. - 1:1(2011 Mar), pp. 1-5.