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  • Hypoxia promotes danger-mediated inflammation via receptor for advanced glycation end products in cystic fibrosis / R.G. Iannitti, A. Casagrande, A. De Luca, C. Cunha, G. Sorci, F. Riuzzi, M. Borghi, C. Galosi, C. Massi-Benedetti, T.D. Oury, L. Cariani, M. Russo, L. Porcaro, C. Colombo, F. Majo, V. Lucidi, E. Fiscarelli, G. Ricciotti, C. Lass-Flörl, L. Ratclif, A. Esposito, F.M. De Benedictis, R. Donato, A. Carvalho, L. Romani. - In: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE. - ISSN 1073-449X. - 188:11(2013), pp. 1338-1350.
  • SSRI online : first experiences in a three-years course degree offered in e-learning at the University of Milan (Italy) / E.Damiani, A.Esposito, M.Mariotti, P.Samarati, D.Scaccia, N.Scarabottolo - In: Proceedings of DMS 2005 / AA.VV.. - [s.l] : Knowledge Systems Institute, 2005 Sep. - ISBN 1891706179. - pp. 65-70 (( Intervento presentato al 11th. convegno International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems tenutosi a Banff, Canada nel 2005.