Bodega Beatrice

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Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo A
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Profound alterations of the chromatin architecture at chromosome 11p15.5 in cells from Beckwith-Wiedemann and Silver-Russell syndromes patients / D. Rovina, M. La Vecchia, A. Cortesi, L. Fontana, M. Pesant, S. Maitz, S. Tabano, B. Bodega, M. Miozzo, S.M. Sirchia. - In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. - ISSN 2045-2322. - 10:1(2020 May 19).
  • 3D multicolor DNA fish tool to study nuclear architecture in human primary cells / F. Marasca, A. Cortesi, L. Manganaro, B. Bodega. - In: JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS. - ISSN 1940-087X. - 2020:155(2020 Jan 25).
  • NIPBL: a new player in myeloid cells differentiation / M. Mazzola, G. Deflorian, A. Pezzotta, L. Ferrari, G. Fazio, E. Bresciani, C. Saitta, L. Ferrari, M. Fumagalli, M. Parma, F. Marasca, B. Bodega, P. Riva, F. Cotelli, A. Biondi, A. Marozzi, G. Cazzaniga, A. Pistocchi. - In: HAEMATOLOGICA. - ISSN 0390-6078. - 104:7(2019 Jun 30), pp. 1332-1341.
  • 4q-D4Z4 chromatin architecture regulates the transcription of muscle atrophic genes in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy / A. Cortesi, M. Pesant, S. Sinha, F. Marasca, E. Sala, F. Gregoretti, L. Antonelli, G. Oliva, C. Chiereghin, G. Solda, B. Bodega. - In: GENOME RESEARCH. - ISSN 1088-9051. - 29:6(2019 Jun), pp. 883-895.
  • How Polycomb-Mediated Cell Memory Deals With a Changing Environment: Variations in PcG complexes and proteins assortment convey plasticity to epigenetic regulation as a response to environment / F. Marasca, B. Bodega, V. Orlando. - In: BIOESSAYS. - ISSN 0265-9247. - 40:4(2018 Apr).