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Via di Rudinì, 8 - ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo - Corpo C
20142 MILANO (MI)

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A.Y. 2020/2021
Doctoral programme (PhD)


  • Mitochondrial Metabolism as Target of the Neuroprotective Role of Erythropoietin in Parkinson’s Disease / F. Rey, S. Ottolenghi, T. Giallongo, A. Balsari, C. Martinelli, R.D. Rey, R. Allevi, A.M. Di Giulio, G.V. Zuccotti, S. Mazzucchelli, R. Foresti, M. Samaja, S. Carelli. - In: ANTIOXIDANTS. - ISSN 2076-3921. - 10:1(2021 Jan 15), pp. 121.1-121.21.
  • Evidence of sars-cov-2 transcriptional activity in cardiomyocytes of covid-19 patients without clinical signs of cardiac involvement / G.P. Bulfamante, G.L. Perrucci, M. Falleni, E. Sommariva, D. Tosi, C. Martinelli, P. Songia, P. Poggio, S. Carugo, G. Pompilio. - In: BIOMEDICINES. - ISSN 2227-9059. - 8:12(2020 Dec), pp. 626.1-626.13.
  • Iron citrate blocks the progression of calcium deposition by reverting apoptosis and autophagy in VSMCS / M.G. Cozzolino, C. Martinelli, D. Tosi, M. Falleni, P. Ciceri. - In: NEPHROLOGY DIALYSIS TRANSPLANTATION. - ISSN 0931-0509. - 35:Suppl. 3(2020 Jun). ((Intervento presentato al 57. convegno ERA-EDTA Congress Abstracts nel 2020.
  • Epiretinal fibrosis removal in an argus II – implanted eve : Histological Characteristics and Functional Results / F. Patelli, M. Falleni, L. Colombo, C. Martinelli, D. Tosi, G. Bulfamante, L. Rossetti. - In: RETINA. - ISSN 0275-004X. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
  • High-phosphate induced vascular calcification is reduced by iron citrate through inhibition of extracellular matrix osteo-chondrogenic shift in VSMCs / P. Ciceri, M. Falleni, D. Tosi, C. Martinelli, G. Bulfamante, G.A. Block, P. Messa, M. Cozzolino. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY. - ISSN 0167-5273. - 297(2019 Dec 15), pp. 94-103.