Zuffetti Chiara

Adjunct Professor



Via Mangiagalli, 34
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Morphostructural evidence of Late Quaternary tectonics at the Po Plain-Northern Apennines border (Lombardy, Italy) / C. Zuffetti, R. Bersezio. - In: GEOMORPHOLOGY. - ISSN 0169-555X. - 364(2020 Sep), pp. 107245.1-107245.18.
  • A new perspective to model subsurface stratigraphy in alluvial hydrogeological basins, introducing geological hierarchy and relative chronology / C. Zuffetti, A. Comunian, R. Bersezio, P. Renard. - In: COMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES. - ISSN 0098-3004. - 140(2020 Jul).
  • Late Quaternary sedimentation and tectonics in the Po Basin: field evidences at the Po Plain-Apennines border (Lombardy) / C. Zuffetti, R. Bersezio - In: Il tempo del pianeta Terra e il tempo dell'uomo: Le geoscienze fra passato e futuro / [a cura di] B. Carmina, F. M. Petti, G. Innamorati, L. Fascio. - [s.l] : SGI, 2019 Sep. - ISBN 9788894022797. - pp. 500-500 (( convegno Congresso SIMP-SGI-SOGEI tenutosi a Parma nel 2019.
  • Effects of Late Pleistocene synsedimentary tectonics on alluvial architecture at the Po Plain-Apennines border (N-Italy) / C. Zuffetti, R. Bersezio - In: Sedimentology to face societal challenges on risk, resources and record of the pastEbook. - [s.l] : IAS, 2019 Sep. - ISBN 9788894457629. (( Intervento presentato al 34. convegno International Meeting of Sedimentology tenutosi a Roma nel 2019.
  • Deciphering Quaternary palimpsest landscapes to constrain 3D (4D) geological models: an example from the Po Plain-Apennines border (N-Italy) / C. Zuffetti, R. Bersezio. ((Intervento presentato al 20. convegno INQUA Congress tenutosi a Dublin nel 2019.