Sforza Chiarella

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Via Mangiagalli, 31
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 15385
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02 503 15385
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Dept of Biomedical Sciences for Health - via Mangiagalli 31 - Milano - via Microsoft Teams
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A.Y. 2020/2021
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  • Age- and sex-related changes in labial dimensions of Sudanese youngs of Arab descent : a three-dimensional cross-sectional study / C. Dolci, F. Elamin, D.M. Gibelli, L. Barni, A. Scolaro, F. Sessa, C.M.N. Maspero, A. Cappella, C. Sforza. - In: CHILDREN. - ISSN 2227-9067. - 8:7(2021 Jul 04), pp. 574.1-574.14. [10.3390/children8070574]
  • Changes of intrathoracic trachea with respiration in children : a metrical assessment based on 3D CT models / M. Cellina, D. Gibelli, C. Floridi, A. Cappella, G. Oliva, C. Dolci, S. Giulia, C. Sforza. - In: CLINICAL IMAGING. - ISSN 0899-7071. - 74(2021 Jun), pp. 10-14.
  • Whole-body kinematics during a simulated sprint in flat-water kayakers / F. Bertozzi, S. Porcelli, M. Marzorati, A.M. Pilotto, M. Galli, C. Sforza, M. Zago. - In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SPORT SCIENCE. - ISSN 1746-1391. - (2021 May 12). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Global Cardiovascular Risk Profile of Italian Medical Students Assessed by a QR Code Survey. Data from UNIMI HEART SURVEY: Does Studying Medicine Hurt? / A. Faggiano, F. Bursi, G. Santangelo, C. Tomasi, C. Sforza, P. Faggiano, S. Carugo. - In: JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE. - ISSN 2077-0383. - 10:7(2021 Apr), pp. 1343.1-1343.12.
  • Localization of Foramen Ovale According to Bone Landmarks of the Splanchnocranium : A Help for Transforaminal Surgical Approach to Trigeminal Neuralgia / D. Gibelli, M. Cellina, G. Oliva, C. Sforza. - In: THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY. - ISSN 1049-2275. - 32:2(2021 Mar), pp. 762-764. [10.1097/SCS.0000000000006947]