Sforza Chiarella

Full professor
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Doctoral Programmes Coordinator
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Via Mangiagalli, 31
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 15385
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02 503 15385
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Dept of Biomedical Sciences for Health - via Mangiagalli 31 - Milano



  • Preliminary study on sexual dimorphism of metric traits of cranium and mandible in a modern Italian skeletal population and review of population literature / A. Cappella, D. Gibelli, A. Vitale, M. Zago, C. Dolci, C. Sforza, C. Cattaneo. - In: LEGAL MEDICINE. - ISSN 1344-6223. - 44(2020 May).
  • Assessment of dental arch stability after orthodontic treatment and oral rehabilitation in complete unilateral cleft lip and palate and non-clefts patients using 3D stereophotogrammetry / M.G. Rezende Pucciarelli, G.H. de Lima Toyoshima, T. Marchini Oliveira, H. Marques Honório, C. Sforza, S. Soares. - In: BMC ORAL HEALTH. - ISSN 1472-6831. - 20:1(2020 May), pp. 154.1-154.8.
  • Three-dimensional assessment of restored smiling mobility after reanimation of unilateral facial palsy by triple innervation technique / D. Gibelli, F. Tarabbia, S. Restelli, F. Allevi, C. Dolci, G. Dell’Aversana Orabona, A. Cappella, M. Codari, C. Sforza, F. Biglioli. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY. - ISSN 0901-5027. - 49:4(2020 Apr), pp. 536-542.
  • Kinematic traits of an elite paralympic karateka: a case study / F. Bertozzi, M. Zago, D. Ciprandi, C. Galvani, C. Sforza. - In: THE JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE AND PHYSICAL FITNESS. - ISSN 1827-1928. - 60:3(2020 Mar), pp. 402-406.
  • Clinical efficacy of a new cetylpyridinium chloride-hyaluronic acid based mouthrinse compared to chlorhexidine and placebo mouthrinses - A 21 days randomised clinical trial / S.K. Tadakamadla, V.V. Bharathwaj, P. Duraiswamy, C. Sforza, G.M. Tartaglia. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DENTAL HYGIENE. - ISSN 1601-5029. - 18:1(2020 Feb 18), pp. 116-123.