Dellavia Claudia Paola Bruna

Associate Professor
Competition sector



Via Mangiagalli, 31
20133 MILANO (MI)

Office phone number
02503 15405
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  • Antimicrobial activity of zinc-doped hydroxyapatite coatings formed on titanium Ti6A14V surface for orthopedic implant / F. Sisto, E. Canciani, E. Galliera, R. Grande, M.M. Scaltrito, C. Dellavia. ((Intervento presentato al 1. convegno International Conference on Clinical and Pharmaceutical Microbiology tenutosi a Roma nel 2019.
  • Electromyographic analysis of the oral phase of swallowing in subjects with and without atypical swallowing: A case-control study / G. Begnoni, M. Cadenas de Llano-Perula, G. Willems, G. Pellegrini, F. Musto, C. Dellavia. - In: JOURNAL OF ORAL REHABILITATION. - ISSN 0305-182X. - 46:10(2019 Oct), pp. 927-935.
  • CoCrMo alloys ions release behavior by TiNbN coating: an in vitro study / V. Ragone, E. Canciani, C.A. Biffi, R. D’Ambrosi, R. Sanvito, C. Dellavia, E. Galliera. - In: BIOMEDICAL MICRODEVICES. - ISSN 1387-2176. - 21:3(2019 Jul).
  • Correlational study on altered epicardial adipose tissue as potential stratification risk factor for valve disease progression through IL-13 signaling / E. Vianello, M. Marrocco Trischitta, E. Dozio, F. Bandera, L. Tacchini, E. Canciani, C. Dellavia, G. Schmitz, L. Menicanti, M.M. Corsi Romanelli. - In: JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR CARDIOLOGY. - ISSN 0022-2828. - 132(2019 Jul), pp. 210-218.