Dolci Claudia

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20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Relationship between sphenoid sinus volume and protrusion of internal carotid artery and optic nerve: a 3D segmentation study on maxillofacial CT-scans / D. Gibelli, M. Cellina, S. Gibelli, A. Cappella, A.G. Oliva, G. Termine, C. Dolci, C. Sforza. - In: SURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY. - ISSN 0930-1038. - 41:5(2019 May), pp. 507-512.
  • Anatomia Umana / F.H. Martini, R.B. Tallitsch, J.L. Nath ; [a cura di] L. Cocco, E. Gaudio, L. Manzoli, G. Zummo, M.L. Arcari, P. Bandiera, V. Benagiano, G. Cavaletti, E. Ciccone, M.G. Cusella De Angelis, V. D'Agata, R. De caro, A. De Luca, C. Dolci, N. Gagliano, G. Gobbi, M. Marchisio, P. Micheletti, M. Papa, F. Renò, R. Rezzani, L. Rodella, C. Rumio, A. Toesca, M.C. Turci, S. Zecchi.. - Napoli : EdiSES, 2019. - ISBN 9788833190259.
  • Anatomical Characteristics Of Intrapetrous Carotid Artery: A 3d Segmentation Study On Head Ct-Scan / D. Gibelli, M. Cellina, S. Gibelli, E. Belloni, A.G. Oliva, G. Termine, C. Dolci, C. Sforza. - In: WORLD NEUROSURGERY. - ISSN 1878-8750. - 121(2019), pp. e419-e425.
  • 3D analysis of smiling function in healthy people: influence of sex and age / D. Gibelli, F. Tarabbia, S. Restelli, G.D. Orabona, C. Dolci, L. Califano, F. Biglioli, C. Sforza. - In: JOURNAL OF PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE & AESTHETIC SURGERY. - ISSN 1748-6815. - (2019). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Use of Machine Learning and Wearable Sensors to Predict Energetics and Kinematics of Cutting Maneuvers / M. Zago, C. Sforza, C. Dolci, M. Tarabini, M. Galli. - In: SENSORS. - ISSN 1424-8220. - 19:14(2019), pp. 3094.1-3094.11.