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  • Presepsin (Soluble {CD}14 Subtype) as an Early Marker of Neonatal Sepsis and Septic Shock: A Prospective Diagnostic Trial / C. Pietrasanta, A. Ronchi, C. Vener, C. Poggi, C. Ballerini, L. Testa, R. Maria Colombo, E. Spada, C. Dani, F. Mosca, L. Pugni. - In: ANTIBIOTICS. - ISSN 2079-6382. - 10:5(2021 May 14), pp. 580.1-580.11. [10.3390/antibiotics10050580]
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  • Bortezomib-based therapy in non-transplant multiple myeloma patients: a retrospective cohort study from the FABIO project / M. Franchi, C. Vener, D. Garau, U. Kirchmayer, M. Di Martino, M. Romero, I. De Carlo, S. Scondotto, C. Stival, M.G. Della Porta, F. Passamonti, G. Corrao. - In: THERAPEUTIC ADVANCES IN HEMATOLOGY. - ISSN 2040-6207. - 12(2021), pp. 2040620721996488.1-2040620721996488.10. [10.1177/2040620721996488]
  • A few hints to face Covid-19 pandemic in Italy / C. Vener, F. Ambrogi, M. Sant, G. Pravettoni. - In: EPIDEMIOLOGIA E PREVENZIONE. - ISSN 1120-9763. - 44:4(2020 Jul), pp. 201-201.
  • First-line imatinib vs second- and third-generation TKIs for chronic-phase CML : a systematic review and meta-analysis / C. Vener, R. Banzi, F. Ambrogi, A. Ferrero, G. Saglio, G. Pravettoni, M. Sant. - In: BLOOD ADVANCES. - ISSN 2473-9537. - 4:12(2020 Jun 23), pp. 2723-2735.