Del Bo' Cristian

Fixed-term Research Fellow B
Competition sector



Via Celoria, 2
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 16730
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02 503 16730
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  • Comparison of the nutritional quality of branded and private-label food products sold in Italy : focus on the cereal-based products collected from the food labeling of Italian products study / D. Angelino, C. Del Bo', N. Pellegrini, D. Martini. - In: FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION. - ISSN 2296-861X. - 8(2021 Jun 09), pp. 660766.1-660766.13.
  • The hCOMET project: International database comparison of results with the comet assay in human biomonitoring. Baseline frequency of DNA damage and effect of main confounders / M. Milić, M. Ceppi, M. Bruzzone, A. Azqueta, G. Brunborg, R. Godschalk, G. Koppen, S. Langie, P. Møller, J. Paulo Teixeira, A. Alija, D. Anderson, V. Andrade, C. Andreoli, F. Asllani, E. Eyluel Bangkoglu, M. Barančoková, N. Basaran, E. Boutet-Robinet, A. Buschini, D. Cavallo, C. Costa Pereira, C. Costa, S. Costa, J. Da Silva, C. Del Bo', V. Dimitrijević Srećković, N. Djelić, M. Dobrzyńska, Z. Duračková, M. Dvořáková, G. Gajski, S. Galati, O. García Lima, L. Giovannelli, I.A. Goroshinskaya, A. Grindel, K.B. Gutzkow, A. Hernández, C. Hernández, K.B. Holven, I.I. | Inger Ottestad, E. Kadioglu, A. Kažimirová, E. Kuznetsova, C. Ladeira, B. Laffon, P. Lamonaca, P. Lebailly, H. Louro, T. Mandina Cardoso, F. Marcon, R. Marcos, M. Moretti, S. Moretti, M. Najafzadeh, Z. Nemeth, M. Neri, B. Novotna, I. Orlow, Z. Paduchova, S. Pastor, H. Perdry, B. Spremo-Potparević, D. Ramadhani, P. Riso, P. Rohr, E. Rojas, P. Rossner, A. Safar, S. Sardas, M. João Silva, N. Sirota, B. Smolkova, M. Staruchova, R. Stetina, H. Stopper, E.I. Surikova, S.M. Ulven, C. Lucia Ursini, V. Valdiglesias, M. Valverde, P. Vodicka, K. Volkovova, K. Wagner, L. Živković, M. Dušinská, A.R. Collins, S. Bonassi. - In: MUTATION RESEARCH. REVIEWS IN MUTATION RESEARCH. - ISSN 1383-5742. - 787(2021 Jun), pp. 108371.1-108371.13.
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