Gibelli Daniele Maria

Associate Professor
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Via Mangiagalli, 31
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 15399
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By appointment via e-mail
Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health, V. Mangiagalli, 31 - Milan


  • Radiomic analysis of the optic nerve at the first episode of acute optic neuritis: an indicator of optic nerve pathology and a predictor of visual recovery? / M. Cellina, M. Pirovano, M. Ciocca, D. Gibelli, C. Floridi, G. Oliva. - In: LA RADIOLOGIA MEDICA. - ISSN 0033-8362. - (2021). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Secondary Lymphedema Following Radical Prostatectomy: Noncontrast Magnetic Resonance Lymphangiography Assessment and Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer / M. Cellina, C. Martinenghi, D. Gibelli, A. Menozzi, M. Soresina, D. Boccanera, D. Giardini, G. Oliva. - In: ANNALS OF PLASTIC SURGERY. - ISSN 0148-7043. - 85:5(2020 Nov), pp. e12-e18.
  • Regional patterns of fluid and fat accumulation in patients with lower extremity lymphedema using agnetic resonance angiography / M. Cellina, M. Panzeri, M. Soresina, A. Menozzi, C. Martinenghi, D. Gibelli. - In: PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY. - ISSN 0032-1052. - 146:5(2020 Nov), pp. 690e-691e.
  • 3D Facial morphology in children affected by spinal muscular atrophy type 2 (SMAII) / V. Pucciarelli, D. Gibelli, C. Mastella, S. Bertoli, K. Alberti, R. De Amicis, M. Codari, C. Dolci, A. Battezzati, G. Baranello, C. Sforza. - In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS. - ISSN 0141-5387. - 42:5(2020 Oct 01), pp. 500-508.
  • 3D facial morphometry in Italian patients affected by Aicardi syndrome / S. Masnada, D.M. Gibelli, C. Dolci, V. De Giorgis, A. Cappella, P. Veggiotti, C. Sforza. - In: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS. PART A. - ISSN 1552-4825. - 182A:10(2020 Oct), pp. 2325-2332.