Pasini Diego

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Via Adamello, 16 - IFOM - Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare ed. 9
20139 MILANO (MI)

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02 94375139
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  • Intestinal differentiation involves cleavage of histone H3 N-terminal tails by multiple proteases / K.J. Ferrari, S. Amato, R. Noberini, C. Toscani, D. Fernández-Pérez, A. Rossi, P. Conforti, M. Zanotti, T. Bonaldi, S. Tamburri, D. Pasini. - In: NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH. - ISSN 0305-1048. - 49:2(2021), pp. 791-804. [10.1093/nar/gkaa1228]
  • BAP1 activity regulates PcG occupancy and global chromatin condensation counteracting diffuse PCGF3/5-dependent H2AK119ub1 deposition / E. Conway, F. Rossi, S. Tamburri, E. Ponzo, K.J. Ferrari, M. Zanotti, D. Fernandez Perez, D. Manganaro, S. Rodighiero, D. Pasini. - (2020 Dec 11).
  • Histone H2AK119 Mono-Ubiquitination Is Essential for Polycomb-Mediated Transcriptional Repression / S. Tamburri, E. Lavarone, D. Fernandez-Perez, E. Conway, M. Zanotti, D. Manganaro, D. Pasini. - In: MOLECULAR CELL. - ISSN 1097-2765. - 77:4(2020 Feb), pp. 840-856.
  • Cooperation between MYC and β-catenin in liver tumorigenesis requires Yap/Taz / A. Bisso, M. Filipuzzi, G.P. Gamarra Figueroa, G. Brumana, F. Biagioni, M. Doni, G. Ceccotti, N. Tanaskovic, M.J. Morelli, V. Pendino, F. Chiacchiera, D. Pasini, D. Olivero, S. Campaner, A. Sabò, B. Amati. - In: HEPATOLOGY. - ISSN 0270-9139. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Functional Landscape of PCGF Proteins Reveals Both RING1A/B-Dependent-and RING1A/B-Independent-Specific Activities / A. Scelfo, D. Fernandez-Perez, S. Tamburri, M. Zanotti, E. Lavarone, M. Soldi, T. Bonaldi, K.J. Ferrari, D. Pasini. - In: MOLECULAR CELL. - ISSN 1097-2765. - 74:5(2019 Jun 06), pp. 1037-1052.