De Lorenzis Elisa

Fixed-term Research Fellow A
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Via Della Commenda, 15 - Pad. Cesarina Riva
20122 MILANO

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  • Comparison among the available stone treatment techniques from the first European Association of Urology Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS) Survey: Do we have a queen? / S.P. Zanetti, M. Talso, F. Palmisano, F. Longo, A. Gallioli, M. Fontana, E. De Lorenzis, G. Sampogna, L. Boeri, G. Albo, A. Trinchieri, E. Montanari. - In: PLOS ONE. - ISSN 1932-6203. - 13:11(2018 Nov 02), pp. e0205159.1-e0205159.11.
  • Role of Bed Assistant During Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy: The Effect of Learning Curve on Perioperative Variables / G. Albo, E. De Lorenzis, A. Gallioli, L. Boeri, S.P. Zanetti, F. Longo, B. Rocco, E. Montanari. - In: EUROPEAN UROLOGY FOCUS. - ISSN 2405-4569. - (2018 Oct 11). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Medical Expulsive Therapy for Symptomatic Distal Ureter Stones: Is the Combination of Bromelain and Tamsulosin More Effective than Tamsulosin Alone? Preliminary Results of a Single-Center Study / F. Palmisano, M.G. Spinelli, S. Luzzago, L. Boeri, E. De Lorenzis, G. Albo, F. Gadda, M. Gelosa, F. Longo, P.G. Dell'Orto, E. Montanari. - In: UROLOGIA INTERNATIONALIS. - ISSN 0042-1138. - (2018 Sep 18), pp. 1-8. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Impact of Surgical Experience on Radiation Exposure during Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery: A Propensity-Score Matching Analysis / L. Boeri, A. Gallioli, E. De Lorenzis, M. Fontana, F. Palmisano, G. Sampogna, S.P. Zanetti, V. Lorusso, I. Sabatini, I. Fulgheri, G. Malagò, R. Brambilla, M. Campoleoni, G. Albo, F. Longo, A. Salonia, E. Montanari. - In: EUROPEAN UROLOGY FOCUS. - ISSN 2405-4569. - (2018 Sep 13). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Clinical comparison between conventional and microdissection testicular sperm extraction for non-obstructive azoospermia : understanding which treatment works for which patient / E. Maglia, L. Boeri, M. Fontana, A. Gallioli, E. De Lorenzis, F. Palmisano, S. Zanetti, G. Sampogna, L. Restelli, E. Somigliana, M. Serrago, F. Gadda, E. Montanari. - In: ARCHIVIO ITALIANO DI UROLOGIA ANDROLOGIA. - ISSN 1124-3562. - 90:2(2018 Jun 30), pp. 130-135.