Taiana Elisa

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Francesco Sforza, 35 - Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico - Pad. Marcora
20122 MILANO (MI)

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  • Jagged ligands enhance the pro-angiogenic activity of multiple myeloma cells / M.T. Palano, D. Giannandrea, N. Platonova, G. Gaudenzi, M. Falleni, D. Tosi, E. Lesma, V. Citro, M. Colombo, I. Saltarella, R. Ria, N. Amodio, E. Taiana, A. Neri, G. Vitale, R. Chiaramonte. - In: CANCERS. - ISSN 2072-6694. - 12:9(2020 Sep 11), pp. 2600.1-2600.18.
  • LncRNA NEAT1 in Paraspeckles: A Structural Scaffold for Cellular DNA Damage Response Systems? / E. Taiana, D. Ronchetti, K. Todoerti, L. Nobili, P. Tassone, N. Amodio, A. Neri. - In: NON-CODING RNA. - ISSN 2311-553X. - 6:3(2020 Jul 01).
  • Expression Pattern and Biological Significance of the lncRNA ST3GAL6-AS1 in Multiple Myeloma / D. Ronchetti, K. Todoerti, C. Vinci, V. Favasuli, L. Agnelli, M. Manzoni, F. Pelizzoni, R. Chiaramonte, N. Platonova, N. Giuliani, P. Tassone, N. Amodio, A. Neri, E. Taiana. - In: CANCERS. - ISSN 2072-6694. - 12:4(2020 Mar 25), pp. 782.1-782.16.
  • NEAT1 Long Isoform Is Highly Expressed in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Irrespectively of Cytogenetic Groups or Clinical Outcomek / D. Ronchetti, V. Favasuli, P. Monti, G. Cutrona, S. Fabris, I. Silvestris, L. Agnelli, M. Colombo, P. Menichini, S. Matis, M. Gentile, R. Nurtdinov, R. Guigó, L. Baldini, G. Fronza, M. Ferrarini, F. Morabito, A. Neri, E. Taiana. - In: NON-CODING RNA. - ISSN 2311-553X. - 6:1(2020 Mar 13), pp. 11.1-11.9.
  • Long non-coding RNA NEAT1 targeting impairs the DNA repair machinery and triggers anti-tumor activity in multiple myeloma / E. Taiana, V. Favasuli, D. Ronchetti, K. Todoerti, F. Pelizzoni, M. Manzoni, M. Barbieri, S. Fabris, I. Silvestris, M.E. Gallo Cantafio, N. Platonova, V. Zuccalà, L. Maltese, D. Soncini, S. Ruberti, M. Cea, R. Chiaramonte, N. Amodio, P. Tassone, L. Agnelli, A. Neri. - In: LEUKEMIA. - ISSN 0887-6924. - 34:1(2020 Jan), pp. 234-244.