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  • Frost action and human occupation during the Late Pleistocene in the Italian Southern Alps : micromorphological evidences from the Caverna Generosa cave / E. Sessa, F. Bona, L. Angiolini. - In: ITALIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES. - ISSN 2038-1719. - (2020 Dec 30). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Insights on the opening of the Galerian mammal migration pathway from magnetostratigraphy of the Pleistocene marine–continental transition in the Arda River section (northern Italy) / E. Monesi, G. Muttoni, G. Scardia, F. Felletti, F. Bona, B. Sala, F. Tremolada, C. Francou, G. Raineri. - In: QUATERNARY RESEARCH. - ISSN 0033-5894. - 86:2(2016 Sep), pp. 220-231.
  • Climatic fluctuations during the last glacial in the North-Western Lombardian Prealps: the Upper Pleistocene faunal assemblages of the Caverna Generosa (Como, Italy) / F. Bona, B. Laurenti, M. Delfino. - In: RIVISTA ITALIANA DI PALEONTOLOGIA E STRATIGRAFIA. - ISSN 0035-6883. - 115:2(2009 Jul), pp. 253-267.
  • Early Toringian small Mammals Fauna from Fontana Marella Cave (Varese, Lombardy, North Italy) / F. Bona, B. Sala, A. Tintori. - In: RIVISTA ITALIANA DI PALEONTOLOGIA E STRATIGRAFIA. - ISSN 0035-6883. - 114:1(2008), pp. 133-144.
  • Indices de fréquentation humaine dans les grottes à ours au Paléolithique moyen final. L’exemple de la Caverna Generosa dans les Préalpes lombardes, Italie / F. Bona, M. Peresani, A. Tintori. - In: L'ANTHROPOLOGIE. - ISSN 0003-5521. - 111:3(2007), pp. 290-320.