Fornara Fabio

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05/A1 - BOTANY



Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo C
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 14817
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  • Structural determinants for NF-Y subunit organization and NF-Y/DNA association in plants / A. Chaves-Sanjuan, N. Gnesutta, A. Gobbini, D. Martignago, A. Bernardini, F. Fornara, R. Mantovani, M. Nardini. - In: PLANT JOURNAL. - ISSN 0960-7412. - 105:1(2021 Jan), pp. 49-61. [10.1111/tpj.15038]
  • Genome wide screening and comparative genome analysis for Meta-QTLs, ortho-MQTLs and candidate genes controlling yield and yield-related traits in rice / B. Khahani, E. Tavakol, V. Shariati, F. Fornara. - In: BMC GENOMICS. - ISSN 1471-2164. - 21:1(2020 Apr 10).
  • OsFD4 promotes the rice floral transition via florigen activation complex formation in the shoot apical meristem / M. Cerise, F. Giaume, M. Galli, B. Khahani, J. Lucas, F. Podico, E. Tavakol, F. Parcy, A. Gallavotti, V. Brambilla, F. Fornara. - In: NEW PHYTOLOGIST. - ISSN 0028-646X. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Control of flowering in rice through synthetic microProteins / T. Eguen, J.G. Ariza, V. Brambilla, B. Sun, K.K. Bhati, F. Fornara, S. Wenkel. - In: JOURNAL OF INTEGRATIVE PLANT BIOLOGY. - ISSN 1672-9072. - (2019 Oct).
  • A transcription factor coordinating internode elongation and photoperiodic signals in rice / J. Gómez-Ariza, V. Brambilla, G. Vicentini, M. Landini, M. Cerise, E. Carrera, R. Shrestha, R. Chiozzotto, F. Galbiati, E. Caporali, I. López Díaz, F. Fornara. - In: NATURE PLANTS. - ISSN 2055-0278. - 5:4(2019 Apr 01), pp. 358-362.