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  • IgM Autoantibodies to Complement Factor H in Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome / M. Cugno, S. Berra, F. Depetri, S. Tedeschi, S. Griffini, E. Grovetti, S. Caccia, D. Cresseri, P. Messa, S. Testa, F. Giglio, F. Peyvandi, G. Ardissino. - In: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY. - ISSN 1046-6673. - 32:5(2021 May 03), pp. 1227-1235.
  • A 5-month history of fever and dry cough in a 67-year-old man / F. Depetri, P. Tarsia, M.F. Donato, F. Invernizzi, M. Cugno. - In: INTERNAL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE. - ISSN 1828-0447. - 15:6(2020 Sep 15), pp. 1057-1060.
  • Angioedema and emergency medicine : from pathophysiology to diagnosis and treatment / F. Depetri, A. Tedeschi, M. Cugno. - In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. - ISSN 0953-6205. - 59(2019 Jan), pp. 8-13.
  • Validation of the Predictive Model of the European Society of Cardiology for Early Mortality in Acute Pulmonary Embolism / M. Cugno, F. Depetri, L. Gnocchi, F. Porro, P. Bucciarelli. - In: TH OPEN. - ISSN 2512-9465. - 2:3(2018 Jul), pp. e265-e271.
  • An unusual diagnosis in a 31-year-old man with abdominal pain and hyponatremia / F. Depetri, M. Cugno, G. Graziadei, E. Di Pierro, F. Granata, F. Peyvandi, M.D. Cappellini. - In: INTERNAL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE. - ISSN 1828-0447. - (2018 Mar 17). [Epub ahead of print]