Marasca Federica

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Francesco Sforza, 35 - Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico - Pad. Invernizzi
20122 MILANO (MI)

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  • Early maternal care restores LINE-1 methylation and enhances neurodevelopment in preterm infants / C. Fontana, F. Marasca, L. Provitera, S. Mancinelli, N. Pesenti, S. Sinha, S. Passera, S. Abrignani, F. Mosca, S. Lodato, B. Bodega, M. Fumagalli. - In: BMC MEDICINE. - ISSN 1741-7015. - 19:1(2021 Dec), pp. 42.1-42.16. [10.1186/s12916-020-01896-0]
  • 3d combo chrrna–dna–immunofish / F. Marasca, A. Cortesi, B. Bodega (METHODS IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY). - In: Capturing Chromosome Conformation / [a cura di] B. Bodega, C. Lanzuolo. - [s.l] : Humana Press Inc., 2021. - ISBN 9781071606636. - pp. 281-297
  • The sophisticated transcriptional response governed by transposable elements in human health and disease / F. Marasca, E. Gasparotto, B. Polimeni, R. Vadala', V. Ranzani, B. Bodega. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. - ISSN 1661-6596. - 21:9(2020 Apr 30), pp. 3201.1-3201.24.
  • 3D multicolor DNA fish tool to study nuclear architecture in human primary cells / F. Marasca, A. Cortesi, L. Manganaro, B. Bodega. - In: JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS. - ISSN 1940-087X. - 2020:155(2020 Jan 25).
  • 4q-D4Z4 chromatin architecture regulates the transcription of muscle atrophic genes in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy / A. Cortesi, M. Pesant, S. Sinha, F. Marasca, E. Sala, F. Gregoretti, L. Antonelli, G. Oliva, C. Chiereghin, G. Solda, B. Bodega. - In: GENOME RESEARCH. - ISSN 1088-9051. - 29:6(2019 Jun), pp. 883-895.