Ghelma Filippo

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20142 MILANO

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  • Odontogenic rhinosinusitis and sinonasal complications of dental disease or treatment: prospective validation of a classification and treatment protocol / A. Saibene, F. Collurà, C. Pipolo, A. Bulfamante, P. Lozza, A. Maccari, F. Arnone, F. Ghelma, F. Allevi, F. Biglioli, M. Chiapasco, S. Portaleone, A. Scotti, R. Borloni, G. Felisati. - In: EUROPEAN ARCHIVES OF OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY. - ISSN 0937-4477. - 276:2(2019 Feb 14), pp. 401-406.
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