Squazzoni Flaminio

Full professor
Competition sector



Via Passione, 13
20122 MILANO (MI)

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02503 21017
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A.Y. 2018/2019


  • Computational Models That Matter During a Global Pandemic Outbreak: A Call to Action / F. Squazzoni, J.G. Polhill, B. Edmonds, P. Ahrweiler, P. Antosz, G. Scholz, É. Chappin, M. Borit, H. Verhagen, F. Giardini, N. Gilbert. - In: JASSS. - ISSN 1460-7425. - 23:2(2020 Mar 31).
  • No evidence of any systematic bias against manuscripts by women in the peer review process of 145 scholarly journals / F. Squazzoni, G. Bravo, P. Dondio, M. Farjam, A. Marusic, B. Menhami, M. Willis, A. Birukou, F. Grimaldo. - (2020 Feb 28).
  • Unlock ways to share data on peer review / F. Squazzoni, P. Ahrweiler, T. Barros, F. Bianchi, A. Birukou, H.J.J. Blom, G. Bravo, S. Cowley, V. Dignum, P. Dondio, F. Grimaldo, L. Haire, J. Hoyt, P. Hurst, R. Lammey, C. MacCallum, A. Marušić, B. Mehmani, H. Murray, D. Nicholas, G. Pedrazzi, I. Puebla, P. Rodgers, T. Ross-Hellauer, M. Seeber, K. Shankar, J. Van Rossum, M. Willis. - In: NATURE. - ISSN 0028-0836. - 578:7796(2020 Feb 27), pp. 512-514.
  • Solidarity in collaboration networks when everyone competes for the strongest partner: a stochastic actor-based simulation model / F. Bianchi, A. Flache, F. Squazzoni. - In: THE JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL SOCIOLOGY. - ISSN 0022-250X. - (2020), pp. 1-18. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Modelling and social science : problems and promises / F. Bianchi, F. Squazzoni - In: Modelling Transitions : Virtues, Vices, Visions of the Future / [a cura di] E.A. Moallemi, F.J. de Haan. - Prima edizione. - London : Routledge, 2019 Nov 28. - ISBN 9780429056574. - pp. 60-74