Ingegnoli Francesca Anna

Research Fellow
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Piazza Cardinal Ferrari, 1
20122 MILANO

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02 58296456
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  • Evidence of macro- and micro-angiopathy in scleroderma: An integrated approach combining 22-MHz power Doppler ultrasonography and video-capillaroscopy / T. Schioppo, A. Orenti, P. Boracchi, O. De Lucia, A. Murgo, F. Ingegnoli. - In: MICROVASCULAR RESEARCH. - ISSN 0026-2862. - 122(2019 Mar), pp. 125-130.
  • Lysyl oxidase-a possible role in systemic sclerosis-associated pulmonary hypertension : a multicentre study / Z. Vadasz, A. Balbir Gurman, P. Meroni, D. Farge, Y. Levi, F. Ingegnoli, Y. Braun-Moscovici, I. Rosner, G. Slobodin, M. Rozenbaum, N. Jiries, L. Kaly, N. Boulman, K. Zilber, S. Ginsberg, A. Awisat, Y. Goldberg, M. Lurie, M. Ghigna, C. Guignabert, M. Humbert, D. Rimar. - In: RHEUMATOLOGY. - ISSN 1462-0324. - (2019 Feb 15). [Epub ahead of print]
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