Vasile Francesca

Fixed-term Research Fellow B
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Via Golgi, 19
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 14085
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  • Anti-multiple myeloma potential of secondary metabolites from Hibiscus sabdariffa / A. Malacrida, V. Cavalloro, E. Martino, A. Cassetti, G. Nicolini, R. Rigolio, G. Cavaletti, B. Mannucci, F. Vasile, M. Di Giacomo, S. Collina, M. Miloso. - In: MOLECULES. - ISSN 1420-3049. - 24:13(2019 Jul 09), pp. 2500.1-2500.15.
  • Determination of Structural Ensembles of Flexible Molecules in Solution from NMR Data Undergoing Spin Diffusion / F. Vasile, G. Tiana. - In: JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND MODELING. - ISSN 1549-9596. - 59:6(2019 Jun 24), pp. 2973-2979.
  • Exploring E-cadherin-peptidomimetics interaction using NMR and computational studies / M. Civera, F. Vasile, D. Potenza, C. Colombo, S. Parente, C. Vettraino, T. Prosdocimi, E. Parisini, L. Belvisi. - In: PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY. - ISSN 1553-734X. - 15:6(2019 Jun 03).
  • Novel compounds targeting the RNA-binding protein HuR : Structure-based design, synthesis and interaction studies / S. Della Volpe, R. Nasti, M. Queirolo, M. Yagiz Unver, V.K. Jumde, A. Dömling, F. Vasile, D. Potenza, F.A. Ambrosio, G. Costa, S. Alcaro, C. Zucal, A. Provenzani, M. Di Giacomo, D. Rossi, A.K.H. Hirsch, S. Collina. - In: ACS MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS. - ISSN 1948-5875. - 10:4(2019 Apr), pp. 615-620.
  • NMR interaction studies of Neu5Ac-α-(2,6)-Gal-β-(1-4)-GlcNAc with influenza-virus hemagglutinin expressed in transfected human cells / F. Vasile, F. Gubinelli, M. Panigada, E. Soprana, A. Siccardi, D. Potenza. - In: GLYCOBIOLOGY. - ISSN 0959-6658. - 28:1(2018 Dec 01), pp. 42-49.