Acerbi Francesco

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  • Indocyanine Green and Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound videoangiography : a synergistic approach for real time verification of distal revascularization and aneurysm occlusion in a complex distal middle cerebral artery aneurysm / F. Acerbi, F. Prada, I.G. Vetrano, J. Falco, G. Faragò, P. Ferroli, F. Dimeco. - In: WORLD NEUROSURGERY. - ISSN 1878-8750. - 125(2019 May), pp. 277-284.
  • Fluorescein-guided surgery for resection of high-grade gliomas : a multicentric prospective phase II study (FLUOGLIO) / F. Acerbi, M. Broggi, S. Karl-Michael, H. Julius, C. Claudio, D.L. Camilla, E. Marica, A. Elena, S. Maura, B. Carlo, P. Bianca, S. Marco, V. Sergio, M. Cristina, B. Lorenzo, E. La Corte, B. Giovanni, B. Alexander, F. Paolo. - In: CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH. - ISSN 1078-0432. - 24:1(2018 Jan), pp. 52-61.
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