Romeo Francesco

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow


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  • SSRP1-mediated histone H1 eviction promotes replication origin assembly and accelerated development / L. Falbo, E. Raspelli, F. Romeo, S. Fiorani, F. Pezzimenti, F. Casagrande, I. Costa, D. Parazzoli, V. Costanzo. - In: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. - ISSN 2041-1723. - 11:1(2020), pp. 1345.1-1345.15.
  • Epigenetic control of DNA replication origin assembly regulates vertebrate development and nuclear reprogramming / L. Falbo, F. Romeo, V. Costanzo. ((Intervento presentato al 15. convegno SIBBM Seminar - Frontiers in Molecular Biology : Nucleic acid immunity : from cellular mechanisms to new technologies tenutosi a Bologna nel 2019.
  • Epigenetic regulation of replication origins / L. Falbo, E. Raspelli, F. Romeo, V. Costanzo.. ((Intervento presentato al convegno EMBO Workshop : DNA Replication, Chromosome Segregation and Fate decisions tenutosi a Kyllini, Greece nel 2018.
  • Epigenetic regulation of eukaryotic DNA replication origins / L. Falbo, E. Raspelli, F. Romeo, V. Costanzo. ((Intervento presentato al 14. convegno SIBBM : Frontiers in Molecular Biology – When and where : temporal and spatial regulation of biological processes tenutosi a Roma nel 2018.
  • Corrigendum to ‘specific changes in the proteomic pattern producedby the BRCA1-Ser1841Asn missense mutation’[International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (2007)220–226] / T. Crugliano, B. Quaresima, M. Gaspari, M.C. Faniello, F. Romeo, F. Baudi, G. Cuda, F. Costanzo, S. Venuta. - In: THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGY. - ISSN 1357-2725. - 88(2017), pp. 236-237. [10.1016/j.biocel.2017.03.006]