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Via Della Commenda, 9 - Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico - Clinica De Marchi
20122 MILANO (MI)

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  • EVALUATION OF ARTHROCENTESIS WITH HYALURONIC ACID INJECTIONS FOR MANAGEMENT OF TEMPOROMANDIBULAR DISORDERS / F. Goker ; tutor: M. Del Fabbro ; coordinator: M. Del Fabbro. - Milano : Università degli studi di Milano. Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche, Chirurgiche ed Odontoiatriche, 2021 Mar 01. ((33. ciclo, Anno Accademico 2020.
  • A novel guided zygomatic and pterygoid implant surgery system: A human cadaver study on accuracy / F. Grecchi, L.V. Stefanelli, F. Grivetto, E. Grecchi, R. Siev, Z. Mazor, M. Del Fabbro, N. Pranno, A. Franchina, V. Di Lucia, F. De Angelis, F. Goker. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH. - ISSN 1661-7827. - 18:11(2021), pp. 6142.1-6142.20. [10.3390/ijerph18116142]
  • Evaluation of Arthrocentesis with hyaluronic acid injections for management of temporomandibular disorders: a systematic review and case series / F. Goker, A. Russillo, S. Taschieri, A.B. Giannì, C. Mortellaro, L. Colletti, B. Manfredi, M. Rovati, R. Biagi, M. Del Fabbro. - In: JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL REGULATORS & HOMEOSTATIC AGENTS. - ISSN 0393-974X. - 35:2 Suppl. 1(2021), pp. 21-35. [10.23812/21-2supp1-3]
  • Treatment of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ). A systematic review / F. Goker, E. Grecchi, F. Grecchi, L. Francetti, M. Del Fabbro. - In: EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES. - ISSN 1128-3602. - 25:6(2021), pp. 2662-2673. [10.26355/eurrev_202103_25430]
  • Simplified Digital Protocol for Fully Edentulous Immediate Implant Placement and Loading: A Report of 10 Consecutive Cases / T. Testori, F. Goker, R. Scaini, M. Beretta, M. Nanni, H. Wang, M. Del Fabbro. - In: THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PERIODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY. - ISSN 0198-7569. - 41:1(2021), pp. 33-40.