Bulfamante Gaetano Pietro

Tenured Associate Professor
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Via di Rudinì, 8
20142 MILANO

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02503 23180
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  • Genetic variants of PARP4 gene and PARP4P2 pseudogene in patients with multiple primary tumors including thyroid cancer / V. Cirello, C. Colombo, G. Pogliaghi, M. Proverbio, S. Rossi, E. Mussani, D. Tosi, G. Bulfamante, E. Bonoldi, G. Gherardi, L. Persani, L. Fugazzola. - In: MUTATION RESEARCH. FUNDAMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MECHANISMS OF MUTAGENESIS. - ISSN 1386-1964. - 816-818,(2019 Nov).
  • Iron citrate reduces high-phosphate induced vascular calcification by inhibiting osteo-chondrogenic shift of extracellular matrix in VSMCs / P. Ciceri, M. Falleni, D. Tosi, C. Martinelli, G.P. Bulfamante, P. Messa, M.G. Cozzolino. - In: NEPHROLOGY DIALYSIS TRANSPLANTATION. - ISSN 1460-2385. - 34:Suppl. 1(2019 Jun 13). ((Intervento presentato al 56. convegno ERA-EDTA Congress Abstracts : June, 13th - 16th tenutosi a Budapest (Hungary) nel 2019.
  • Dynamic and Cell-Specific DACH1 Expression in Human Neocortical and Striatal Development / V. Castiglioni, A. Faedo, M. Onorati, V.D. Bocchi, Z. Li, R. Iennaco, R. Vuono, G.P. Bulfamante, L. Muzio, G. Martino, N. Sestan, R.A. Barker, E. Cattaneo. - In: CEREBRAL CORTEX. - ISSN 1047-3211. - 29:5(2019 May), pp. 2115-2124.
  • Neuroprotection, Recovery of Function and Endogenous Neurogenesis in Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Following Transplantation of Activated Adipose Tissue / S. Carelli, T. Giallongo, F. Rey, M. Colli, D. Tosi, G. Bulfamante, A.M. Di Giulio, A. Gorio. - In: CELLS. - ISSN 2073-4409. - 8:4(2019 Apr 09), pp. 329.1-329.24.
  • Duodenal adipose tissue is associated with obesity in baboons (Papio sp) : a novel site of ectopic fat deposition in non-human primates / P.B. Higgins, F. Folli, M.C.R. Andrade, J. Foster, V. Mattern, R. Paroni, N. Schlabritz-Loutsevitch, V.S. Voruganti, S. Kumar, R. Guardado-Mendoza, G. Bulfamante, P. Fiorina, A.E. Pontiroli, G.B. Hubbard, M. Owston, E.J. Dick, A.G. Comuzzie. - In: ACTA DIABETOLOGICA. - ISSN 0940-5429. - 56:2(2019 Feb), pp. 227-236.