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  • Bull spermatozoa uptake of extracellular vesicles from bovine seminal plasma / N. Pagano, M.A. Kosior, B. Gasparrini, V. Longobardi, C. De Canditiis, G. Albero, M.C. Deregibus, G. Bosi, A. Idda, A. Lange Consiglio. - In: REPRODUCTION FERTILITY AND DEVELOPMENT. - ISSN 1031-3613. - 32:2(2020), pp. 148.200-148.200. ((Intervento presentato al 46. convegno IETS international embryo technology society tenutosi a New York nel 2020.
  • Morphology and aquaporin immunohistochemistry of the uterine Tube of Saanen Goats (Capra hircus): comparison throughout the reproductive cycle / S. Arrighi, G. Bosi, S. Frattini, B. Coizet, D. Groppetti, A. Pecile. - In: REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS. - ISSN 0936-6768. - 51:3(2016), pp. 360-369.
  • Peculiarity of Porcine Amniotic Membrane and Its Derived Cells : a Contribution to the Study of Cell Therapy from a Large Animal Model / A. Lange-Consiglio, B. Corradetti, S. Bertani, V. Notarstefano, C. Perrini, M.G. Marini, S. Arrighi, G. Bosi, A. Belloli, D. Pravettoni, V. Locatelli, F. Cremonesi, D. Bizzaro. - In: CELLULAR REPROGRAMMING. - ISSN 2152-4971. - 17:6(2015), pp. 472-483.
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