Fiandaca Gianluca

Associate Professor
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Via Cicognara, 7
20129 MILANO (MI)

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02503 18479
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  • Cross-borehole geoelectrical time-lapse monitoring of in situ chemical oxidation and permeability estimation through induced polarization / T. Bording, A.K. Kuhl, G. Fiandaca, J.F. Christensen, A.V. Christiansen, E. Auken. - In: NEAR SURFACE GEOPHYSICS. - ISSN 1569-4445. - 19:1(2021 Feb), pp. 43-58.
  • 3-D time-domain spectral inversion of resistivity and full-decay induced polarization data - full solution of Poisson's equation and modelling of the current waveform / L.M. Madsen, G. Fiandaca, E. Auken. - In: GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL. - ISSN 0956-540X. - 223:3(2020 Dec 01), pp. 2101-2116.
  • Spectral Induced Polarization of limestones: time domain field data, frequency domain laboratory data and physicochemical rock properties / S. Johansson, A. Lindskog, G. Fiandaca, T. Dahlin. - In: GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL. - ISSN 0956-540X. - 220:2(2020 Feb), pp. 928-950.
  • AEMIP robust inversion using maximum phase angle Cole–Cole model re-parameterisation applied for HTEM survey over Lamego gold mine, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, MG, Brazil / M.A. Couto Junior, G. Fiandaca, P.K. Maurya, A.V. Christiansen, J.L. Porsani, E. Auken. - In: EXPLORATION GEOPHYSICS. - ISSN 0812-3985. - 51:1(2020 Jan 02), pp. 170-183.
  • Inverting surface NMR free induction decay data in a voltage-time data space / D. Grombacher, L. Liu, M.A. Kass, G. Osterman, G. Fiandaca, E. Auken, J.J. Larsen. - In: JOURNAL OF APPLIED GEOPHYSICS. - ISSN 0926-9851. - 172(2020 Jan).