Croci Giorgio Alberto

Fixed-term Research Fellow A
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Via Francesco Sforza, 35
20122 MILANO (MI)

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  • A woman with refractory edema and pancytopenia / D. Blanca, L. Erba, F.I. Grifoni, M. Sciume', G.A. Croci, U. Gianelli, M. Caronni, E. Ceriani, E. Tobaldini. - In: INTERNAL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE. - ISSN 1828-0447. - (2020 May). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Reproducibility of histologic prognostic parameters for mantle cell lymphoma: cytology, Ki67, p53 and SOX11 / G.A. Croci, E. Hoster, S. Bea, G. Clot, A. Enjuanes, D.W. Scott, J. Cabecadas, L. Veloza, E. Campo, E. Clasen-Linde, R.S. Goswami, L. Helgeland, S. Pileri, G. Rymkiewicz, S. Reinke, M. Dreyling, W. Klapper. - In: VIRCHOWS ARCHIV. - ISSN 0945-6317. - (2020 Jan 23). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Halting the vicious cycle within the multiple myeloma ecosystem: blocking JAM-A on bone marrow endothelial cells restores the angiogenic homeostasis and suppresses tumor progression / A.G. Solimando, M.C. Da Vià, P. Leone, P. Borrelli, G.A. Croci, P. Tabares, A. Brandl, G. Di Lernia, F.P. Bianchi, S. Tafuri, T. Steinbrunn, A. Balduini, A. Melaccio, S. De Summa, A. Argentiero, H. Rauert-Wunderlich, M.A. Frassanito, P. Ditonno, E. Henke, W. Klapper, R. Ria, C. Terragna, L. Rasche, A. Rosenwald, K.M. Kortüm, M. Cavo, D. Ribatti, V. Racanelli, H. Einsele, A. Vacca, A. Beilhack. - In: HAEMATOLOGICA. - ISSN 0390-6078. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
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  • Rapid development of atypical fibroxanthoma during vismodegib treatment / C. Giorgini, V. Barbaccia, G.A. Croci, I. Imarisio, C. Vassallo. - In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGY. - ISSN 0307-6938. - 44:1(2019), pp. 86-88.