Lucchini Giorgio Angelo

Category D - Technical, data processing and scientific-technical Area



Via Celoria, 2
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 16519
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02503 16524
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  • Analysis of cadmium root retention for two contrasting rice accessions suggests an important role for OsHMA2 / M. Maghrebi, E. Baldoni, G.A. Lucchini, G. Vigani, G. Valè, G.A. Sacchi, F.F. Nocito. - In: PLANTS. - ISSN 2223-7747. - 10:4(2021 Apr 20). [10.3390/plants10040806]
  • Continuous Flooding or Alternate Wetting and Drying Differently Affect the Accumulation of Health-Promoting Phytochemicals and Minerals in Rice Brown Grain / G. Orasen, P. De Nisi, G. Lucchini, A. Abruzzese, M. Pesenti, M. Maghrebi, A. Kumar, F.F. Nocito, E. Baldoni, S. Morgutti, N. Negrini, G. Valè, G.A. Sacchi. - In: AGRONOMY. - ISSN 2073-4395. - 9:10(2019 Oct 11), pp. 628.1-628.17.
  • Monofunctional Pt(II) complexes based on 8-aminoquinoline: synthesis and pharmacological characterization / G. Facchetti, N. Ferri, Lupo Maria Giovanna, G.A. Lucchini, I. Rimoldi. - In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 1099-0682. - 2019:29(2019 Aug 07), pp. 3389-3395.
  • Uptake-release by MSCs of a cationic platinum(II) complex active in vitro on human malignant cancer cell lines / I. Rimoldi, V. Cocce', G. Facchetti, G. Alessandri, A.T. Brini, F. Sisto, E. Parati, L. Cavicchini, G.A. Lucchini, F. Petrella, E. Ciusani, A. Pessina. - In: BIOMÉDECINE & PHARMACOTHÉRAPIE. - ISSN 0753-3322. - 108(2018 Dec), pp. 111-118.
  • Can cadaverous pollution from environmental lead misguide to false positive results in the histochemical determination of Gunshot Residues? In-depth study using ultra-sensitive ICP-MS analysis on cadaveric skin samples / M. Boracchi, S. Andreola, F. Collini, G. Gentile, G. Lucchini, F. Maciocco, G.A. Sacchi, R. Zoia. - In: FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL. - ISSN 0379-0738. - 292(2018 Nov), pp. 23-26. [10.1016/j.forsciint.2018.08.041]