Rossi Giorgio

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20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Original design of a patterned multiferroic heterostructure for electricalcontrol of the magnetic shape anisotropy / V. Polewczyk, G. Vinai, F. Motti, S. Dal Zilio, P. Capaldo, M. Sygletou, S. Benedetti, G. Rossi, P. Torelli. - In: JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS. - ISSN 0304-8853. - 507(2020 Aug 01).
  • Characterizing crystalline defects in single nanoparticles from angular correlations of single-shot diffracted X-rays / A. Niozu∗, Y. Kumagai, T. Nishiyama, H. Fukuzawa, K. Motomura, M. Bucher, K. Asa, Y. Sato, Y. Ito, T. Takanashi, D. You, T. Ono, Y. Li, E. Kukk, C. Miron, L. Neagu, C. Callegari, M. Di Fraia, G. ROSSI, D.E. Galli, T. PINCELLI, A. COLOMBO, S. Owada, K. Tono, T. Kameshima, Y. Joti, T. Katayama, T. Togashi, M. Yabashi, K. Matsuda, K. Nagaya, C. Bostedtd, A. Kiyoshi Ueda. - In: IUCRJ. - ISSN 2052-2525. - 7:2(2020 Mar), pp. 276-286.
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  • Coherent Narrowband Light Source for Ultrafast Photoelectron Spectroscopy in the 17-31 eV photon energy range / R. Cucini, T. PINCELLI, G. Panaccione, D. Kopic, F. Frassetto, P. Miotti, G. Marco Pierantozzi, S. Peli, A. Fondacaro, A. De Luisa, A. DE VITA, P. Carrara, D. Krizmancic, D.T. Payne, F. Salvador, A. Sterzi, L. Poletto, F. Parmigiani, G. ROSSI, A. Federico Cilento. - In: STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS. - ISSN 2329-7778. - 7:1(2020 Jan 31).
  • Proximity-induced ferromagnetism and chemical reactivity in few-layer VSe2 heterostructures / G. Vinai, C. Bigi, 1. Rajan, M.D. Watson, T.-. Lee, F. Mazzola, S. Modesti, S. Barua, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, G. Balakrishnan, P.D.C. King, P. Torelli, G. Rossi, G. Panaccione. - In: PHYSICAL REVIEW. B. - ISSN 2469-9950. - 101:3(2020 Jan 08).