Pavesi Giulio

Tenured Associate Professor
Competition sector



Via Celoria, 26
20133 MILANO (MI)

Office phone number
02503 14922
Additional phone numbers
02 503 14884
University email address
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Office hours
Tuesday or Friday, h. 15.00- 17.00
Via Celoria 26 (Department of Biosciences), 2nd Floor Tower B



  • Integrating Peak Colocalization and Motif Enrichment Analysis for the Discovery of Genome-Wide Regulatory Modules and Transcription Factor Recruitment Rules / M. Ronzio, F. Zambelli, D. Dolfini, R. Mantovani, G. Pavesi. - In: FRONTIERS IN GENETICS. - ISSN 1664-8021. - 11(2020 Feb 21), pp. 72.1-72.15.
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  • Epigenetic signatures of stress adaptation and flowering regulation in response to extended drought and recovery in Zea mays / C. Forestan, S. Farinati, F. Zambelli, G. Pavesi, V. Rossi, S. Varotto. - In: PLANT, CELL AND ENVIRONMENT. - ISSN 0140-7791. - 43:1(2020 Jan 01), pp. 55-75.
  • Mapping the Global Chromatin Connectivity Network for Sox2 Function in Neural Stem Cell Maintenance / J.A. Bertolini, R. Favaro, Y. Zhu, M. Pagin, C.Y. Ngan, C.H. Wong, H. Tjong, M.W. Vermunt, B. Martynoga, C. Barone, J. Mariani, M.J. Cardozo, N. Tabanera, F. Zambelli, S. Mercurio, S. Ottolenghi, P. Robson, M.P. Creyghton, P. Bovolenta, G. Pavesi, F. Guillemot, S.K. Nicolis, C. Wei. - In: CELL STEM CELL. - ISSN 1934-5909. - 24:3(2019 Mar), pp. 462-476.e1-e6.
  • hmSEEKER : identification of hmSILAC Doublets in MaxQuant Output Data / E. Massignani, A. Cuomo, D. Musiani, S. Jammula, G. Pavesi, T. Bonaldi. - In: PROTEOMICS. - ISSN 1615-9853. - 19:5(2019 Mar), pp. e1800300.1-e1800300.6.