Eberini Ivano

Associate Professor
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Via Balzaretti, 9/11/13
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 18256
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02503 18362
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  • Encore – Sex dependency of the proteome / I. Miller, E. Gianazza, I. Eberini. - In: JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS. - ISSN 1876-7737. - 212(2020 Feb 10).
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance as a Tool for Ligand Binding Investigation of Engineered GPR17 Receptor, a G Protein Coupled Receptor Involved in Myelination / CAPELLI DAVIDE, PARRAVICINI CHIARA, G. Pochetti, R. Montanari, C. Temporini, M. Rabuffetti, M.L. Trincavelli, DANIELE SIMONA, FUMAGALLI MARTA, S. Saporiti, E. Bonfanti, ABBRACCHIO MARIA PIA, EBERINI IVANO, CERUTI STEFANIA MARIA, E. Calleri, S. Capaldi. - In: FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 2296-2646. - 7(2020 Jan 10), pp. 910.1-910.14.
  • Drug discovery, from serendipity to targeting strategies / I. Eberini. ((Intervento presentato al 1. convegno Industrial Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Health (ICAIH 2019) tenutosi a Milano nel 2019.
  • SLC6A14, a Pivotal Actor on Cancer Stage: When Function Meets Structure / L. Palazzolo, C. Parravicini, T. Laurenzi, S. Adobati, S. Saporiti, U. Guerrini, E. Gianazza, C. Indiveri, C.M.H. Anderson, D.T. Thwaites, I. Eberini. - In: SLAS DISCOVERY. - ISSN 2472-5552. - 24:9(2019 Oct), pp. 2472555219867317.928-2472555219867317.938.
  • Inhibition of Pancreatic α-amylase by Resveratrol Derivatives : Biological Activity and Molecular Modelling Evidence for Cooperativity between Viniferin Enantiomers / L.M. Mattio, M. Marengo, C. Parravicini, I. Eberini, S. Dallavalle, F. Bonomi, S. Iametti, A. Pinto. - In: MOLECULES. - ISSN 1420-3049. - 24:18(2019 Sep 05), pp. 3225.1-3225.14.