Petroni Katia

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Via Celoria, 26
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • The Therapeutic Potential of Anthocyanins : Current Approaches Based on Their Molecular Mechanism of Action / B. Salehi, J. Sharifi-Rad, F. Cappellini, Ž. Reiner, D. Zorzan, M. Imran, B. Sener, M. Kilic, M. El-Shazly, N.M. Fahmy, E. Al-Sayed, M. Martorell, C. Tonelli, K. Petroni, A.O. Docea, D. Calina, A. Maroyi. - In: FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY. - ISSN 1663-9812. - 11(2020 Aug), pp. 1300.1-1300.20.
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  • Corn (ZEA MAYS L). extracts as source of active compounds with promising effects in reducing trigeminal pain through microbiota modulation / G. Magni, C.M. DI LORENZO, F. Colombo, S. Biella, A. Marinelli, D. Lecca, C. Milani, M. Ventura, M.P. Abbracchio, C. Tonelli, P. Restani, K. Petroni, S.M. Ceruti. ((Intervento presentato al convegno Probiotics, prebiotics & new foods, nutraceuticals and botanicals : for nutrition & human and microbiota health tenutosi a Roma nel 2019.
  • Purple corn extract induces long-lasting reprogramming and M2 phenotypic switch of adipose tissue macrophages in obese mice / F. Tomay, A. Marinelli, V. Leoni, C. Caccia, A. Matros, H. Mock, C. Tonelli, K. Petroni. - In: JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE. - ISSN 1479-5876. - 17:1(2019 Jul 23).
  • Purple Corn Extract as Anti-allodynic Treatment for Trigeminal Pain : Role of Microglia / G. Magni, A. Marinelli, D. Riccio, D. Lecca, C. Tonelli, M.P. Abbracchio, K. Petroni, S. Ceruti. - In: FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE. - ISSN 1662-5102. - 12(2018 Nov 05), pp. 378.1-378.11.