Cremonesi Plaja Llorenc

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow


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  • Probing the morphology of dust particles in deep ice cores with light scattering / C. Llorenç. - In: NUOVO CIMENTO DELLA SOCIETÀ ITALIANA DI FISICA. C, GEOPHYSICS AND SPACE PHYSICS. - ISSN 1826-9885. - 44:1(2021 Jul 19), pp. 15.1-15.10. ((Intervento presentato al 106. convegno Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana di Fisica nel 2020 [10.1393/ncc/i2021-21015-8].
  • The pursuit of stability in halide perovskites: The monovalent cation and the key for surface and bulk self-healing / D.R. Ceratti, A.V. Cohen, R. Tenne, Y. Rakita, L. Snarski, N.P. Jasti, L. Cremonesi Plaja, R. Cohen, M. Weitman, I. Rosenhek-Goldian, I. Kaplan-Ashiri, T. Bendikov, V. Kalchenko, M. Elbaum, M.A.C. Potenza, L. Kronik, G. Hodes, D. Cahen. - In: MATERIALS HORIZONS. - ISSN 2051-6347. - 8:5(2021 May 01), pp. 1570-1586. [10.1039/d1mh00006c]
  • Near FIeld Scattering under Forced Flow / L. Cremonesi, M. Siano, B. Paroli, M. Potenza. - In: REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS. - ISSN 0034-6748. - 91(2020).
  • Light extinction and scattering from aggregates composed of submicron particles / L. Cremonesi, C. Minnai, F. Ferri, A. Parola, B. Paroli, T. Sanvito, M.A.C. Potenza. - In: JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH. - ISSN 1388-0764. - 22:11(2020), pp. 344.1-344.17. [10.1007/s11051-020-05075-3]
  • LIGHT SCATTERING FROM MICROMETRIC MINERAL DUST AND AGGREGATE PARTICLES: EFFECTS OF SHAPE AND STRUCTURE APPLIED TO PALEOCLIMATE STUDIES / L. Cremonesi Plaja ; supervisor: M. A. C. Potenza ; director of the school: M. Paris. - Milano : Università degli studi di Milano. DIPARTIMENTO DI FISICA "ALDO PONTREMOLI", 2019 Dec 17. ((32. ciclo, Anno Accademico 2019.