Ferrantino Luca

Adjunct Professor


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  • Aesthetic outcomes of non-functional immediately restored single post-extraction implants with and without connective tissue graft : A multicentre randomized controlled trial / L. Ferrantino, A. Camurati, P. Gambino, M. Marzolo, D. Trisciuoglio, G. Santoro, V. Farina, F. Fontana, F. Asa'ad, M. Simion. - In: CLINICAL ORAL IMPLANTS RESEARCH. - ISSN 0905-7161. - 32:6(2021), pp. 684-694. [10.1111/clr.13733]
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  • Tissue response to a porous collagen matrix used for soft tissue augmentation / J. Caballe-Serrano, S. Zhang, L. Ferrantino, M. Simion, V. Chappuis, D.D. Bosshardt. - In: MATERIALS. - ISSN 1996-1944. - 12:22(2019 Nov 11), pp. 3721.1-3721.14. [10.3390/ma12223721]
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