Fornia Luca

Fixed-term Research Fellow B
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Via Fratelli Cervi, 93 - L.I.T.A. Segrate
20054 SEGRATE (MI)

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Teaching - Programme courses

Bachelors and masters

A.Y. 2021/2022

A.Y. 2020/2021

A.Y. 2019/2020



  • Targeting Primary Motor Cortex (M1) Functional Components in M1 Gliomas Enhances Safe Resection and Reveals M1 Plasticity Potentials / M. Rossi, L. Viganò, G. Puglisi, M.C. Conti Nibali, A. Leonetti, L. Gay, T. Sciortino, L. Fornia, V. Callipo, M. Lamperti, M. Riva, G. Cerri, L. Bello. - In: CANCERS. - ISSN 2072-6694. - 13:15(2021 Jul 28), pp. 3808.1-3808.20. [10.3390/cancers13153808]
  • Factors Influencing Mood Disorders and Health Related Quality of Life in Adults With Glioma : A Longitudinal Study / A. Leonetti, G. Puglisi, M. Rossi, L. Viganò, M. Conti Nibali, L. Gay, T. Sciortino, H. Howells, L. Fornia, M. Riva, G. Cerri, L. Bello. - In: FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY. - ISSN 2234-943X. - 11(2021 May 25), pp. 662039.1-662039.11.
  • Negative motor responses to direct electrical stimulation: Behavioral assessment hides different effects on muscles / L. Vigano, H. Howells, L. Fornia, M. Rossi, M. Conti Nibali, G. Puglisi, A. Leonetti, L. Simone, L. Bello, G. Cerri. - In: CORTEX. - ISSN 0010-9452. - 137(2021 Apr), pp. 194-204.
  • Clinical Pearls and Methods for Intraoperative Motor Mapping / M. Rossi, T. Sciortino, M. Conti Nibali, L. Gay, L. Viganò, G. Puglisi, A. Leonetti, H. Howells, L. Fornia, G. Cerri, M. Riva, L. Bello. - In: NEUROSURGERY. - ISSN 0148-396X. - 88:3(2021), pp. 457-467.
  • Direct electrical stimulation of the premotor cortex shuts down awareness of voluntary actions / L. Fornia, G. Puglisi, A. Leonetti, L. Bello, A. Berti, G. Cerri, F. Garbarini. - In: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. - ISSN 2041-1723. - 11:1(2020 Dec 01).