Colombo Lucia

Full professor
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05/A1 - BOTANY



Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo A
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 14772
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  • The role of pollination in controlling Ginkgo biloba ovule development / G. D’Apice, S. Moschin, F. Araniti, S. Nigris, M. Di Marzo, A. Muto, C. Banfi, L. Bruno, L. Colombo, B. Baldan. - In: NEW PHYTOLOGIST. - ISSN 0028-646X. - (2021 Sep 24). [Epub ahead of print] [10.1111/nph.17753]
  • Expression and Functional Analyses of Nymphaea caerulea MADS-Box Genes Contribute to Clarify the Complex Flower Patterning of Water Lilies / S. Moschin, S. Nigris, I. Ezquer, S. Masiero, S. Cagnin, E. Cortese, L. Colombo, G. Casadoro, B. Baldan. - In: FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE. - ISSN 1664-462X. - 12(2021 Sep 22), pp. 730270.1-730270.16. [10.3389/fpls.2021.730270]
  • Genetic Interaction of SEEDSTICK, GORDITA and AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 2 during seed development / D. Paolo, G. Orozco Arroyo, L. Rotasperti, S. Masiero, L. Colombo, S. de Folter, B. Ambrose, E. Caporali, E. Ignacio, C. Mizzotti. - In: GENES. - ISSN 2073-4425. - 12:8(2021 Jul 30), pp. 1189.1-1189.12. [10.3390/genes12081189]
  • The Arabidopsis MADS-Domain Transcription Factor SEEDSTICK Controls Seed Size via Direct Activation of E2Fa / D. Paolo, L. Rotasperti, A. Schnittger, S. Masiero, L. Colombo, C. Mizzotti. - In: PLANTS. - ISSN 2223-7747. - 10:2(2021 Jan 20), pp. 192.1-192.8. [10.3390/plants10020192]
  • Alternative Splicing Generates a MONOPTEROS Isoform Required for Ovule Development / M. Cucinotta, A. Cavalleri, A. Guazzotti, C. Astori, S. Manrique, A. Bombarely, S. Oliveto, S. Biffo, D. Weijers, M.M. Kater, L. Colombo. - In: CURRENT BIOLOGY. - ISSN 0960-9822. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]