Cucinotta Mara

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo A
20133 MILANO (MI)

Via Golgi, 18 - Orto Botanico Città Studi
20133 MILANO (MI)

University email address


  • The Importance of Cytokinins during Reproductive Development in Arabidopsis and Beyond / G. Callizaya Terceros, F. Resentini, M. Cucinotta, S. Manrique Urpi, L. Colombo, M.A. Mendes. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. - ISSN 1661-6596. - (2020 Oct 31).
  • Gynoecium size and ovule number are interconnected traits that impact seed yield / M. Cucinotta, M. Di Marzo, A. Guazzotti, S. de Folter, M.M. Kater, L. Colombo. - In: JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. - ISSN 0022-0957. - 71:9(2020), pp. 2479-2489.
  • CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDON1 (CUC1) and CUC2 regulate cytokinin homeostasis to determine ovule number in Arabidopsis / M. Cucinotta, S. MANRIQUE URPI, C. Cuesta, E. Benkova, O. Novak, L. Colombo. - In: JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. - ISSN 0022-0957. - 69:21(2018 Oct), pp. 5169-5176.
  • Cytokinin response factors integrate auxin and cytokinin pathways for female reproductive organ development / M. Cucinotta, S. Manrique, A. Guazzotti, N.E. Quadrelli, M.A. Mendes, E. Benkova, L. Colombo. - In: DEVELOPMENT. - ISSN 1477-9129. - 143:23(2016 Dec), pp. 4419-4424.
  • Attenuation of pattern recognition receptor signaling is mediated by a MAP kinase kinase kinase / S.C. Mithoe, C. Ludwig, M.J.C. Pel, M. Cucinotta, A. Casartelli, M. Mbengue, J. Sklenar, P. Derbyshire, S. Robatzek, C.M.J. Pieterse, R. Aebersold, F.L.H. Menke. - In: EMBO REPORTS. - ISSN 1469-221X. - 17:3(2016), pp. 441-454.