Frasca Marco

Fixed-term Research Fellow B
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Via Celoria, 18

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02503 16295
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02503 16295
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  • Identification of Breast Cancer Subtype-Specific Biomarkers by Integrating Copy Number Alterations and Gene Expression Profiles / C. Cava, M. Pisati, M. Frasca, I. Castiglioni. - In: MEDICINA. - ISSN 1648-9144. - 57:3(2021 Mar 12). [10.3390/medicina57030261]
  • HEMDAG: a family of modular and scalable hierarchical ensemble methods to improve Gene Ontology term prediction / M. Notaro, M. Frasca, A. Petrini, J. Gliozzo, E. Casiraghi, P.N. Robinson, G. Valentini. - In: BIOINFORMATICS. - ISSN 1367-4803. - (2021). [Epub ahead of print] [10.1093/bioinformatics/btab485]
  • Artificial Intelligence in Predicting Clinical Outcome in COVID-19 Patients from Clinical, Biochemical and a Qualitative Chest X-Ray Scoring System / A. Esposito, E. Casiraghi, F. Chiaraviglio, A. Scarabelli, E. Stellato, G. Plensich, G. Lastella, L. Di Meglio, S. Fusco, E. Avola, A. Jachetti, C. Giannitto, D. Malchiodi, M. Frasca, A. Beheshti, P.N. Robinson, G. Valentini, L. Forzenigo, G. Carrafiello. - In: REPORTS IN MEDICAL IMAGING. - ISSN 1179-1586. - 14(2021), pp. 27-39. [10.2147/RMI.S292314]
  • Multi-resolution visualization and analysis of biomolecular networks through hierarchical community detection and web-based graphical tools / P. Perlasca, M. Frasca, C.T. Ba, J. Gliozzo, M. Notaro, M. Pennacchioni, G. Valentini, M. Mesiti. - In: PLOS ONE. - ISSN 1932-6203. - 15:12(2020 Dec 22), pp. e0244241.1-e0244241.28.
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