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Category D - Technical, data processing and scientific-technical Area



Via Balzaretti, 9/11/13
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 18207
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  • Regulation of Schwann cells oncotransformation by changes in Nf2/merlin expression, Hippo/YAP signaling and DNA methylation / V. Magnaghi, V. Bonalume, L. Castelnovo, M. Ballabio, L. Caffino, F. Fumagalli, A. Colciago. - In: GLIA. - ISSN 0894-1491. - 67:suppl. 1(2019 Jul), pp. E142-E142. ((Intervento presentato al 14. convegno European meeting on glial cells in health and disease tenutosi a Porto nel 2019.
  • Schwann cell development, maturation and regeneration : a focus on classic and emerging intracellular signaling pathways / L.F. Castelnovo, V. Bonalume, S. Melfi, M. Ballabio, D. Colleoni, V. Magnaghi. - In: NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH. - ISSN 1673-5374. - 12:7(2017 Jul), pp. 1013-1023.
  • Different intracellular signallings regulate Schwann cell development, maturation and plasticity: role of SRC and phospho-FAK pathways / A. Colciago, V. Bonalume, M. Ballabio, L. Caffino, L.F. Castelnovo, D. Colleoni, F. Fumagalli, S. Melfi, V. Magnaghi. - In: GLIA. - ISSN 1098-1136. - 65:suppl. 1(2017), pp. E151-E151. ((Intervento presentato al 13. convegno European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease tenutosi a Edinburgh nel 2017.
  • Tumor suppressor Nf2/merlin drives Schwann cell changes following electromagnetic field exposure through Hippo-dependent mechanisms / A. Colciago, S. Melfi, G. Giannotti, V. Bonalume, M. Ballabio, L. Caffino, F. Fumagalli, V. Magnaghi. - In: CELL DEATH DISCOVERY. - ISSN 2058-7716. - 1(2015 Sep 07), pp. 15021.1-15021.10.
  • GABA-B receptors in the PNS have a role in Schwann cells differentiation? / P. Procacci, M. Ballabio, L.F. Castelnovo, C. Mantovani, V. Magnaghi. - In: FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE. - ISSN 1662-5102. - 6(2013), pp. 68.1-68.7.