Miranda Mendes Marta Adelina

Fixed-term Research Fellow B
Competition sector
05/A1 - BOTANY



Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo A
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • The emerging role of small RNAs in ovule development, a kind of magic / R. Petrella, M. Cucinotta, M.A. Mendes, C.J. Underwood, L. Colombo. - In: PLANT REPRODUCTION. - ISSN 2194-7953. - (2021). [Epub ahead of print] [10.1007/s00497-021-00421-4]
  • The Importance of Cytokinins during Reproductive Development in Arabidopsis and Beyond / G. Callizaya Terceros, F. Resentini, M. Cucinotta, S. Manrique Urpi, L. Colombo, M.A. Mendes. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. - ISSN 1661-6596. - 21:21(2020 Nov 01), pp. 8161.1-8161.18.
  • MADS-Box and bHLH Transcription Factors Coordinate Transmitting Tract Development in Arabidopsis thaliana / M. Di Marzo, I. Roig-Villanova, E. Zanchetti, F. Caselli, V. Gregis, P. Bardetti, M. Chiara, A. Guazzotti, E. Caporali, M.A. Mendes, L. Colombo, M.M. Kater. - In: FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE. - ISSN 1664-462X. - 11(2020 May 06).
  • SEEDSTICK Controls Arabidopsis Fruit Size by Regulating Cytokinin Levels and FRUITFULL / M. Di Marzo, H. Herrera-Ubaldo, E. Caporali, O. Novák, M. Strnad, V. Balanzà, I. Ezquer, M.A. Mendes, S. de Folter, L. Colombo. - In: CELL REPORTS. - ISSN 2211-1247. - 30:8(2020 Jan 29), pp. 2846-2857.
  • The RNA dependent DNA methylation pathway is required to restrict SPOROCYTELESS/NOZZLE expression to specify a single female germ cell precursor in Arabidopsis / M.A. Mendes, R. Petrella, M. Cucinotta, E. Vignati, S. Gatti, S.C. Pinto, D.C. Bird, V. Gregis, H. Dickinson, M.R. Tucker, L. Colombo. - In: DEVELOPMENT. - ISSN 0950-1991. - dev.194274(2020). [Epub ahead of print]