Pagani Massimiliano

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Via Francesco Sforza, 35 - Pad. Invernizzi
20122 MILANO

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  • Eomesodermin controls a unique differentiation program in human IL-10 and IFN-γ coproducing regulatory T cells / P. Gruarin, S. Maglie, M. De Simone, B. Häringer, C. Vasco, V. Ranzani, R. Bosotti, J.S. Noddings, P. Larghi, F. Facciotti, M.L. Sarnicola, M. Martinovic, M. Crosti, M. Moro, R.L. Rossi, M.E. Bernardo, F. Caprioli, F. Locatelli, G. Rossetti, S. Abrignani, M. Pagani, J. Geginat. - In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY. - ISSN 0014-2980. - 49:1(2019 Jan), pp. 96-111.
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