Castagna Michela

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  • Threonine 67 is a key component in the coupling of the NSS amino acid transporter KAAT1 / M. Giovanola, A. Vollero, R. Cinquetti, E. Bossi, L.R. Forrest, E. Di Cairano, M. Castagna. - In: BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOMEMBRANES. - ISSN 0005-2736. - 1860:5(2018 May), pp. 1179-1186.
  • Functional analysis of iron transporter Nramp2 (SLC11A2) from Dictyostelium discoideum / M. Castagna, E. Signoretto, G. Paruta, R. Cinquetti, F. Imperiali, E. Bossi, B. Peracino, S. Bozzaro. ((Intervento presentato al 69. convegno National Congress of the Italian Physiological Society tenutosi a Firenze nel 2018.
  • The invertebrate transporters of SLC6 family are able to transport D-amino acid / E. Bossi, R. Cinquetti, A. Vollero, M. Castagna. ((Intervento presentato al 3. convegno International conference of D-amino acid research tenutosi a Varese nel 2017.
  • Ceranib-2-induced suicidal erythrocyte death / E. Signoretto, J. Zierle, A.A.M. Bhuyan, M. Castagna, F. Lang. - In: CELL BIOCHEMISTRY AND FUNCTION. - ISSN 0263-6484. - 34:5(2016 Jul), pp. 359-366.
  • Stimulating effect of terfenadine on erythrocyte cell membrane scrambling / E. Signoretto, M. Castagna, A. Al Mamun Bhuyan, F. Lang. - In: CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY. - ISSN 1015-8987. - 38:4(2016 Apr 04), pp. 1425-1434.